From ancient monuments to magnificent landscapes, from its great gastronomy and vibrant nightlife, there are many reasons why you should pay Greece a visit.

The country is home to marvellous monuments and UNESCO heritage sites. Take the time to see the astonishing Acropolis in Athens and its stunning museum, visit the archaeological site of Delphi or the open-air island museum of Delos, the beautiful Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki, the myth-laden Palace of Knossos or the breathtaking medieval Old Town of Rhodes.

Furthermore, Greece has plenty of beaches that can seduce everyone. From sandy to pebbly shores, isolated coves and quiet bays, the Greek islands with turquoise waters have long been a sun worshippers paradise. With a coastline of about 16,000 km, including the mainland and some 6,000 islands (of which only 227 are inhabited), Greece is one of the world’s premier sailing destinations. Blessed with warm weather, four different archipelagos and seven island chains, sailing holidays here are safe and easy-going.

Even though the country is famous for its islands and seas, some 80 percent of its landmass is mountainous. Greece is the third-most mountainous country in Europe, after Norway and Albania. In fact, there are more than 40 mountain ranges passing 2,000m, offering incredible scenery. So walking enthusiasts have a choice of coastal and inland hikes. The only problem you’ll have is deciding which region to go for.  At one end of its backbone are the peaks of Varnountas and Grammos and at the other the Pindos range and legendary Olympus, just north of verdant Pelion. And to the south, down to Taygetos in the Peloponnese and on to Asterousia in southern Crete.

In other words, rugged mountains, exotic, pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters, green valleys, quiet lakes and lush forests – the majesty of nature in Greece will blow your mind. Get the chance to discover different lifestyles in a country that its natural beauty and diversity is bound to astonish you along with its great variety of food and drink. You can discover a vast array of Greek wines, local liquors and world-known dishes, food specialties of the islands or the traditional dishes on the mountain villages, fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables cooked with a healthy dose of Greek olive oil. Visiting Greece is a feast for the senses for sure.

Moreover, whether young in age or at heart, you can have the time of your life in Greece. From party islands such as Mykonos, Ios or Zakynthos, to cosmopolitan cities such as Athens or Thessaloniki, Greece hardly ever sleeps. Nonetheless, the beauty of the country also lies in the fact that rural life has remained simple and authentic. If looking for quiet places to relax and unwind, there are countless rural areas, where you can recharge your batteries away from the crowds.

Zagorohoria for example is a pure and seductive holiday destination for all seasons. You’ll discover the area’s rare beauty walking along the Vikos Gorge, staring up at the striking peak of the Astrakas Mountain and listening to the gentle rumble of the Voidomatis River. And even if you are finding yourself in a more romantic or bucolic area such as Tzoumerka in Epirus for example, experiencing a typical panigyri (local feast) is a memorable moment that will make your holiday special.

Last but not least, you should visit Greece for its hospitable, friendly, easy-going people. Greek hospitality is after all legendary. The Greek word for hospitality, “philoxenia”, literally translates as “friend to a stranger” and refers to the act of welcoming and caring for a stranger in one’s home. For the ancient Greeks, it was an act of virtue to welcome and care for strangers in their home as they thought they were sent by the gods. Hospitality remains an important value for modern Greeks also, as it still exists when they happily open their homes and invite foreigners to a treat.

In final analysis, the unpretentious charm and simplicity of the country, the glorious masterpieces of the ancient times, the hospitable people, the stunning beaches, the picturesque mountain villages, the fantastic weather, the unique flavors… there are thousands of reasons to visit Greece, whether you are travelling on a budget or looking for luxurious options. The cradle of Western civilization is a wonderful destination all year round. Visit Greece and see for yourself, “you will want to stay forever”!